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Across my page, you will find out information about my education and experience in hairdressing services. Let me guide you through my hairdressing progress. My passion for hair started in childhood. When I had a chance to observe the hairdressing process, I have always been enthusiastic about it ever since. Over time my eagerness to gain new skills and knowledge is constantly increasing.

I have motivated myself to start a hairdressing course which was something that I have always dreamed about. The course directed my curiosity to various aspects of the hairdressing profession.

During the course, I had an opportunity to participate in lessons that triggered my awareness of health and safety. Theoretical knowledge gained throughout the course makes me able to estimate your hair needs and understand your hair type.

Further, I took a part in lectures which presented hairdressing to me from the mathematical and biological point of view. Whilst the practices I gathered knowledge and skills related to styling, cutting, coloring, etc...The mix of theoretical, practical knowledge and certifications achieved allows me to provide the clients with a professional hairdressing service.

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Hair styling Hull


Regular maintenance of your hair lenght helps to keep it in better condition. Your hair is the crown you never take off.

Hair styling Hull


Give your hair a fresh look with revitalising colorization and shine brighter than ever.

Hair styling Hull


Weeding, party, or other event comming up in your schedule? All you need is a stunning hairstyle? Take advantage of my styling techniques.

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Mobile Hairdresser in Hull Certificates and Qualifications

Level 2 City&Guilds Certificate in Hair Services

  • Plaiting and Twisting Hair
  • Working in the industry
  • Follow Health&Safety Practive in the Salon
  • Client Consultation for Hair Services
  • Shampoo and Condition the Hair and Scalp
  • The Art of dressing Hair

Level 2 City&Guilds Diploma in Women's Hairdressing

  • Cut Women's Hair
  • Colour and Lighten Hair
  • Perm and Neutralize Hair
  • Create an Image based on a theme within the Hair&Beauty Sector

Level 3 City&Guilds Diploma in Women's Hairdressing

  • Monitor and Maintain Health&Safety Practice in the Salon
  • Hairdressing Consultation - support for colleagues
  • Cut Women's Hair to create a variety of looks
  • Style and Dress Hair using a variety of techniques
  • Color Hair to create a variety of looks
  • Perm Hair to create a variety of looks

Level 3 City&Guilds Diploma in Women's Hairdressing

  • Create Hairdressing Design Skills
  • Hair Color Correction

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